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What Contributed to 47 Accidents on Milwaukee County Roadways?

There is an expression that April showers bring May flowers. Although it is now May, rain continues to be falling throughout Wisconsin. Recently, Wisconsin was hit with extremely heavy rainfall, which made the roadways slippery and hazardous. This heavy rainfall is believed to have contributed to 47 car crashes that occurred on Milwaukee County roadways on May 17th between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm.

The series of car accidents began around 7:15 am on May 17th when a semi truck crashed into the median wall on Interstate 43. The semi was not carrying a load at the time of the collision. The crash with the median resulted in the semi trailer blocking three lanes of traffic. Thankfully, no injuries were reported following this accident.  A second car accident occurred around 8:20 am, when a motor vehicle crashed into the median wall on southbound Interstate 43. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident and  medically evaluated all of the occupants of the vehicle. One occupant was transported to the hospital for treatment of a minor injury. Accidents continued to occur throughout the day on the Milwaukee County roadways. The amount of accidents that occurred totaled 47 in just a 14 hour span.

These accidents demonstrate the hazards that weather can pose for drivers. The heavy rainfall contributed to the roadways becoming slippery, which in turn made it more likely for motor vehicles to be involved in an accident. When there are weather conditions that make the roadways more hazardous, it is important for drivers to take extra precautions while driving to help them reach their destinations safely. One important step for drivers to take is to ensure that they are driving at a safe speed for weather conditions. When there are hazardous weather conditions, a reduction in speed is almost always necessary. Further, drivers should ensure that they are not engaging in distracted driving behavior. By doing these things, we can help keep ourselves and others safe on the roads.

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