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What Animal was Found on the Roadways in Racine?

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of warmer weather. Since the weather is nicer, it is common for more people to be out and about engaging in outdoor activities, such as walking and playing sports. While the weather can inspire humans to be more active outdoors, it can also inspire animals to do the same thing. This appears to be the case in a recent incident that took place along the roadways in Racine County, Wisconsin.

On Saturday, May 9, 2020, a cow escaped from its pasture in Racine. After escaping, the cow began to walk along the roadways and was spotted near WIS-20 around 11:30 am. Law enforcement officials, including the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, responded to the call about the escaped cow. The law enforcement officials with the help of citizens were able to corral the cow. Thankfully, the cow was uninjured during its adventure. The cow has since been returned to its owner. It remains unknown how the cow was able to escape and make its way to the roadway.

The escapee cow demonstrates the importance of paying close attention to what is happening on and near the roadways. Sometimes highly unexpected things, such as escapee cows, are present. By ensuring that you are paying close attention to the roadways, you can help to prevent accidents. Some safe driving behaviors that are important to road safety are abiding by the speed limit and avoiding all distracted driving behaviors. Some examples of distracted driving behaviors include using the phone while driving, eating while driving and fiddling with the radio while driving. By ensuring that safe driving is practiced, we can help keep the roads safer for everyone, humans and escapee cows alike.

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