What Kind of Accident Happened in West Allis?

May 7 , 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin. Once spring arrives, it is common for many motorcycle owners to begin getting their motorcycles out of storage and begin riding them again. Motorcycling is intended to be an enjoyable alternative to driving a car. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles can occur. When these accidents happen, it possible for the motorcyclist to sustain serious injuries because, unlike a car, motorcycles do not provide protector for riders on impact. Because of the limited protection that motorcycles offer in the event of a crash, these accidents can cause severe injuries and a lot of property damage. Recently, an accident involving a motorcycle occurred in West Allis, Wisconsin.

The accident happened on Sunday, May 3rd. It occurred on National Avenue near the intersection with 112th Street. Law enforcement officials believe the driver of the motorcycle lost control of it while traveling down National Avenue. The loss of control caused the driver of the motorcycle to crash causing both the driver and the passenger to be thrown off the motorcycle. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident. Tragically, one of the riders died from injuries sustained in the crash and the other rider was transported to the hospital to receive medical care for critical injuries that were sustained in the accident. After some investigation in the cause of the accident, law enforcement officials believe that speed appears to have contributed.

Because of the potential for serious injuries and even fatalities with motorcycle accidents, it is important that drivers of motorcycles and cars take precautions to help keep the motorcycles on the roadways safe. Drivers should ensure that their full attention is on the roadway at all times. Additionally, drivers should always be engaging in safe driving practices. By doing these things, we can help keep the roads safer for both motorcycles and cars.