What Kind of Accident Happened in Kenosha County?

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of spring, there is also the arrival of warmer weather. After experiencing a cold and snowy winter, many Wisconsinites are eager to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Because of this, there is typically an increase in the amount of pedestrians on the sidewalks and near the roadways once spring and warmer weather arrive. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents between motor vehicles and pedestrians occur. When these types of accidents happen, it is almost always the pedestrian who gets the worst of it. Recently, an accident occurred in Kenosha County.

The accident occurred on Sunday, May 3rd around 3:00 pm in Somers, Wisconsin. The pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle near 15th Street and 45th Avenue. Law enforcement officials and ambulance personnel responded to the scene of the accident. Ambulance personnel determined that the pedestrian had sustained severe, life-threatening injuries in the collision and requested that Flight for Life be called to the scene of the accident. Officials were able to establish a landing zone for the Flight for Life helicopter to land. The pedestrian was transported to an area trauma center to receive medical treatment.

This accident demonstrates the importance of attentive driving and being on the look out for pedestrians in or near the roadways. When collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles occur, it is common for the pedestrian to suffer serious injuries and in some cases even fatality. This is why it is of the utmost importance for drivers and pedestrians to ensure that they are paying attention to their surroundings and what is going on around them. Further, drivers should also ensure that they are practicing safe driving by not engaging in distracted driving activities and traveling at a safe speed. By doing these things, we can all help to keep the roads safer for everyone.

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