What Kind of Driving Behavior Caused a Driver to be Pulled Over?

April 30 , 2020 | Personal Injury

There are many behaviors that if engaged in while driving can create hazardous and dangerous situations. Some of these behaviors include texting while driving, speeding or traveling too fast for weather conditions and other distracted driving behaviors. One of the most notorious dangerous driving behaviors is driving while under the influence. Recently, a driver was arrested after driving erratically.

This incident occurred on Monday, April 27 around 11:20 pm. The Wisconsin State Patrol Office received a call regarding a vehicle that was driving significantly under the speed limit on northbound Interstate 41. The vehicle then proceeded to strike several traffic cones on the roadway. The Wisconsin State Patrol was able to use traffic cameras to monitor the vehicle’s driving and see the erratic driving behavior. The Wisconsin State Patrol dispatched an officer to respond to the call. When the officer encountered the vehicle that had been driving erratically, the officer was able to initiate a traffic stop.

As the officer approached the vehicle, he was able to notice that the driver was demonstrating signs of impairment. The officer performed standardized field sobriety tests. After completion of the tests, the driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated and it was later determined to be the drivers fourth time being arrested for operating while intoxicated.

This incident demonstrates how alcohol can impair a driver. The alcohol made the driver drive so erratically that another driver called about his driving. This is incredibly dangerous behavior as there was a much greater likelihood that the driver would be involved in an automobile accident than if he were driving unimpaired. Thankfully, there was no accident and no one was injured. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous. If you have been drinking, you should not be driving.