What Kind of Accident Happened in Pleasant Prairie?

April 11 , 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin. With nicer weather, there are more people out and about engaging in outdoor activities such as going on walks, running outside and bicycling. In addition to people engaging in more outdoor activities, more people start riding their motorcycles again as the weather gets nicer. Motorcyclists are less protected in accidents with motor vehicles because motorcycles do not provide protection for riders on impact like cars do. Because of this, even minor accidents can cause serious injuries and devastating consequences. Recently, a tragic accident involving a motorcycle occurred in Pleasant Prairie.

The accident occurred on March 25, 2020. The accident occurred around 7:30 pm near 91st Street and Sheridan Road. A motorcycle and a pickup truck were both traveling southbound when they had a collision. Law enforcement officials were called to the scene of the accident. Upon their arrival, the driver of the motorcycle was found unresponsive and seriously injured. Officials attempted to perform lifesaving measures on the driver of the motorcycle. Tragically, the motorcyclist died from the injuries he sustained at the scene of the accident. The driver of the pickup truck involved in the accident did not sustain any injuries.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the cause of the accident. Following the accident, the roadway was shut down for about 3.5 hours for officials to perform an investigation into the accident. Pleasant Prairie Police Investigators are working with members of the Wisconsin State Patrol Technical Reconstruction Unit to get more information about the accident.

Drivers of cars and motorcycles alike need to ensure that they are practicing safe driving to help increase road safety for all. By ensuring that their focus is entirely on the roadway, drivers will have more time to notice potential hazards in the roadway. By practicing safe driving we can help keep the roads safer for all types of vehicles.