What is the Latest IKEA Recall?

March 23 , 2020 | Personal Injury

We expect the products we buy and consume to be safe for our use and consumption. Unfortunately, sometimes the products we buy pose potential risks to our health or safety. When this happens, it is common for the company that makes the product to issue a recall for the product to help inform consumers of the potential risks associated with the product. Recently, IKEA issued a recall for some of its products.

Ikea has issued a recall for 820,000 of its three chest drawers. The recall comes after the discovery that they can tip over. When they tip over, they can fall on people, including children, which can result in serious injuries or even death. The chest of drawers is not stable unless it has been anchored to the wall, which causes hazards of the chest tipping over and entrapping someone. The chest of drawers that has been recalled is the KULLEN 3. The chests were sold from April 2005 until December 2019. The chests sold after August 12, 2019 are not in compliance with the updated United States consensus standard.

If you own this chest of drawers, it is essential that it has been properly anchored to the wall. If the chest is not properly anchored to the wall, you should stop using it and it should be placed in an area where children will not have access to it. Owners of the recalled product are able to contact IKEA to either receive a refund or a free wall attachment kit. If customers choose the free wall replacement kit, they will be able to install it themselves or IKEA will provide a free, one time at home installation of it.