What Reminder Did the Dodge County Sheriff Give?

March 19 , 2020 | Car Accidents

The spring is close to arriving in Wisconsin. With the spring also comes more spring time activities. Because there are oftentimes more activities going on, there are typically more drivers on the roadways. Some of these events and activities involve alcohol. Because of the inclusion of alcohol in some of these activities, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has issued a reminder for drivers.

The Dodge County Sheriff wants to remind all drivers that buzzed driving is drunk driving. Every year many people are injured and even killed in car accidents that involve drivers who are under the influence. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with the Dodge County Traffic Safety Commission and the United States Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help spread the message about the hazards and dangers of drunk driving.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to encourage drivers to take responsibility for their actions. If you have been drinking, you should not be driving. Further, if you are planning to go out and will be drinking, it is best to plan to have a designated driver or another safe way home that does not involve getting behind the wheel. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office warns that if you can feel a buzz, you are not in any shape to be operating a motor vehicle.

Help keep the roadways safer for everyone by not driving when you have been drinking. By ensuring that you engage in safe driving practices, you have help reduce the probability of being involved in a car accident. By reducing the chances of being involves in an accident, you reduce the chances of yourself and others being injured or suffering property damage.