What Kind of Accident Happened in South Milwaukee?

February 12 , 2020 | Car Accidents

Automobile accidents can be scary. Not only can car accidents cause damage to motor vehicles, they can also cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Because of the potential for serious consequences stemming from an automobile accident, it is important for drivers to make sure they are practicing safe driving to help keep the roadways safe for all. Recently, an unexpected accident occurred in South Milwaukee.

The accident occurred around noon on Monday, February 3rd. The accident occurred when a vehicle, speed from the parking lot of Walgreens store and collided with the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts. Before colliding with the Dunkin’ Donuts store, the vehicle appeared to go airborne. The vehicle hit the store a couple feet from the electrical panel and eight feet from the gas service. The impact of the collision of the vehicle with the side of the Dunkin’ Donuts was so strong that it caused the building to crack open. Following the accident, the restaurant had to be closed.

Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle suffered serious injuries during the crash. The driver was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries sustained in the car accident. Because of the circumstances surrounding the accident, there was a great potential for injuries to occur. Fortunately, no other vehicles were struck during the collision with the side of the store and no one inside the restaurant was injured during the collision.

Following the accident, law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate the cause of the accident. This accident demonstrates the importance of ensuring that drivers are paying full attention to what is going on around them. Unexpected things can occur on the roadways, so it is important that drivers focus on the roadways to help keep themselves and others safe.