What Kind of Accident Recently Occurred in Milwaukee?

February 6 , 2020 | Car Accidents

The new year recently started, but motor vehicle accidents have been continuing to occur in the City of  Milwaukee and all over the state. While all motor vehicle accidents are dangerous and can cause serious injuries and even fatalities, accidents involving pedestrians can be especially frightening. When a motor vehicle and a pedestrian are involved in an accident, the pedestrian is almost always the one who gets the worst of it. Recently, an accident involving a pedestrian occurred in Milwaukee.

On Friday, January 31, a pedestrian was struck near 46th and Burleigh. The accident occurred in the evening, around 5:45 pm. The pedestrian, a 57 year old man from Milwaukee, was struck by a white Cadillac that was headed eastbound. After the vehicle struck the pedestrian, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident. A witness saw the accident occur and contacted law enforcement officials to alert them. In addition, the witness helped law enforcement officials to help locate the vehicle involved in the collision. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for head trauma and other injuries sustained in the accident. Fortunately, the pedestrian did not sustain any life threatening injuries in the accident.

After law enforcement officials located the vehicle and suspect involved in the accident, the driver of the vehicle was arrested. The driver was arrested for hit-and-run in addition to operating a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant.

This accident demonstrates the importance of practicing safe driving behaviors. Every time that anyone gets behind the wheel, his or her full attention should be on the roadway. Additionally, people should never drive if they have been drinking. By paying full attention to the roadway and avoiding distracted driving behaviors, we can help ensure that the roadways are safer for everyone, drivers and pedestrians alike.