Why Should You Clean the Snow Off Your Vehicle Before Driving?

February 5 , 2020 | Car Accidents

Winter has arrived in Wisconsin. With the arrival of winter, there is also the arrival of winter weather conditions. Some common winter weather conditions in Wisconsin include snow, sleet, ice and freezing rain. These winter weather conditions can make the roadways increasingly hazardous for drivers. In addition to having an impact on the condition of the roadways, the weather conditions can also cause vehicles that are parked outside to become covered in either snow or ice. To help make your next driver a safe one for yourself and others, you should make sure to clean your vehicle before driving.

If your vehicle becomes covered in snow or ice, you should make sure to completely clean off your vehicle before departing. You should use a brush or other device to remove all the snow from all over the vehicle, including the windows, window shield, roof, mirrors and sides of the vehicle. If there is ice on your vehicle, you should melt it as much as possible and then use a scrapper to remove the rest of the ice.

Removing snow and ice is important for a couple reasons. First, snow and ice can impair your vision while driving. If there is snow on the vehicle it can fall onto the window shield or rear window, which can significantly impair your ability to see what is happening on the roadways. If you are unable to see what is happening on the roadways, you are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Second, if you car is not completely cleaned off, snow or ice can fly off your vehicle and hit another vehicle. If snow or ice from your vehicle hits another vehicle it can cause damage to the vehicle or even cause an accident or injuries. Because of the possibility of causing injuries or property damage it is important to ensure that your vehicle is fully cleaned before leaving.

By ensuring that your vehicle is fully cleaned before departing, you can help keep the roadways safer for yourself and others this winter. Winter driving is hazardous already, but you can reduce the hazards by ensuring your vehicle is cleaned off well.