What is the Latest Recall Involving Toyota and Honda?

January 29 , 2020 | Personal Injury

There are many products that have been purchased that we use in our everyday lives. Because of this, we expect the products that we buy and use to be safe for our use and consumption. When a potential hazard or safety risk with a product becomes known, it is common for the producer of that product to issue a recall to help warn consumers of the potential risks associated with that product. One product that is often the subject of recalls is automobiles. Recently, both Toyota and Honda have issued recalls for more of their vehicles. Both the Toyota and Honda recall involve problems with airbags.

First, the Toyota recall includes around 3.4 million of its vehicles. The vehicles included in the recall are located all across the world. The recall comes after the discovery that the airbags may not inflate in the event of a crash. If the airbags do not inflate during a crash, the driver and and passenger could experience injuries. The airbags in the recalled vehicles have control computers that are vulnerable to electrical interference. If an airbag experiences electrical interference it can not inflate.

Second, the Honda recall includes around 2.7 million of its vehicles. The vehicles impacted by the recall are located in both the United States and Canada. These vehicles have Takata airbag inflators, which are different from the ones involved in previous recalls. It is possible for the airbags in the latest recall to blow apart and hurl metal parts at both the driver and passengers of the vehicles.

Toyota plans to notify owners of the recalled vehicles by mid-March. Owners will be able to bring their vehicles to a dealership, where they will check to see if the vehicle is in need of any replacement parts. Honda is calling owners and asking them to sign up for inspections of their vehicles, but states that it will not be able to start inspections or repairs for around a year.