What Act of Kindness Did a Milwaukee County Bus Driver Perform?

January 9 , 2020 | Uncategorized

Drivers sometimes encounter unexpected things on the roadways. Because of this it is of the utmost importance that drivers put their full attention on the roadways so that they are able to react safely to surprising situations. One group of people that has received a lot of attention for the kind acts that they perform on the roads are Milwaukee County Transit System bus drivers. Recently, another Milwaukee County Transit System Bus Driver performed an act of kindness.

The act of kindness occurred in early January 2020. While driving his route, a bus driver encountered a woman who was having difficulties crossing a busy street. The woman was trying to cross the street at Layton Boulevard and National Avenue. The woman was using a cane to try to push herself through the crosswalk, when she appeared to have gotten stuck in the median.

The Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver witnessed what was happening and hopped off the bus to try and help. The bus driver was able to help the woman safely cross the street. This event is one of the latest in the acts of kindness that Milwaukee County Transit System drivers perform on a regular basis. The bus drivers have become known for going beyond the call of duty to help others.

In addition to showing an act of kindness, this event shows the importance of paying attention to the roadways. Because the other drivers and the bus driver were paying attention, the woman was able to make it safely across the street. When drivers choose to put their full attention on the roadways and engage in safe driving behaviors, the roadways are safer for everyone. Drivers should ensure that they are not engaging in distracted driving behaviors and driving at a speed that is safe for road conditions and in adherence with the speed limit.