What Kind of Accidents are Continuing to be Problematic in Milwaukee?

December 26 , 2019 | Car Accidents

There are many behaviors, that if engaged in while driving, can contribute to the risk of being involved in an accident. Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Some of these dangerous driving behaviors include inattentive driving and driving over the speed limit or too fast for weather conditions. Recently, a scary accident occurred involving vehicles that were traveling at high speeds.

The accident occurred on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. The accident occurred when a SUV rear ended another vehicle near 49th and Villard. The impact of the collision caused the vehicle that was rear ended to spin around several times. When the vehicle came to a stop, the driver realized that one of her children was no longer in the vehicle.  The 5 year old child had been ejected from the vehicle as a result of the collision and was pinned underneath the back tire of the vehicle.

People in the surrounding area rushed to help and were able to help move the car off the child. Law enforcement officials arrived to the scene and the child was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries he sustained in the accident. Fortunately, the child did not sustain any injuries that were life-threatening. The injuries the child suffered included a broken leg, a broken arm, a broken clavicle, a laceration to his liver and a blood clot in his kidney. The doctors who treated the child believe that he will make a full recovery within six months of the accident.

This accident shows the importance of driving at safe speeds and ensuring that you are paying attention to the roadways. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries, so it is important that drivers are taking all the necessary precautions to help keep themselves and others safe on the roadways.