What Caused a Semi to Slide Off the Road?

December 1 , 2019 | Car Accidents

Winter weather has made its way to Wisconsin. With winter weather comes ice and snow, which makes the roadways more hazardous for driving. Because of the increased hazard while driving, drivers need to take extra caution while driving to help keep the roadways safe for themselves and others. A recent accident on I-41 demonstrated the extra winter hazards and the need for safe driving practices during the winter months.

On November 14, 2019, one lane of southbound I-41 was shut down near 124th Street. The reason for the temporary closure was that a semi slid off the freeway. The semi slid off the freeway when the driver tried to avoid colliding with a vehicle that had experienced a spin out on the roadway in front of them. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has stated that icy road conditions were a contributing factor in the semi truck sliding off of the roadway. Thankfully, there were no injuries as a result of the slid out. Law enforcement officials responded to the scene of the accident and were able to clear the scene and reopen both lanes of traffic.

This incident shows the importance of practicing safe driving during the winter months. Luckily, there were no injuries from this incident, but that is often not the case with motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Because the roadways become more hazardous when winter weather hits, drivers need to take extra precaution to ensure they are making their travels as safe as possible. Some ways that drivers can help make the roadways safer is by paying their full attention to the roadways and not engaging in distracted driving activities. Another important factor is to ensure that drivers are traveling at a speed that is safe for the road conditions.