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How Many People Will Be Traveling for Thanksgiving in 2019?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Many people from across the country travel for holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception to that trend. Additionally, Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled for holidays of the year. People will be traveling from all over the country will be traveling via motor vehicles, planes, trains and boats to reach their holiday travel destinations. Because of the high volume of travelers, people should take extra caution while making their trip to their destination.

AAA predicts that more than 55 million people in the United States will be traveling distances of at least 50 miles for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is an 2.6% increase in the amount of predicted travelers from last year. AAA began tracking Thanksgiving travel and believes that this year will be one of the most traveled years overall. The vast majority of people traveling to their destinations will be doing so via motor vehicle.

AAA predicts that 49.3 million of the travelers will be taking their motor vehicles to their destinations. AAA predicts that the peak travel times will occur on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 as those traveling mix with those making their normal commute.

To help keep yourself and your passengers safe, you should take precautions. Some tips to help keep you and your passengers safe while traveling include:

  • Leave with extra time to make it to your destination. By leaving with plenty of time you will have more time to make it to your destination if there are unexpected delays.
  • Wear seat belts. Seat belts can help protect you in the case of an accident.
  • Obey the speed limit and traffic signs. By ensuring that you follow all traffic laws, you can help prevent accidents.
  • Avoid distracted driving. Avoid anything that will take your attention away from the roadways.

Martin Law Office wishes a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all!

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