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What Happened Near the Fiserv Forum?

Milwaukee has been facing problems with reckless driving this year. Several of the recent accidents related to reckless driving in the city involved hit and run accidents, where a driver of vehicle hit one or more pedestrians. Recently, another hit and run accident occurred involving pedestrians by the Fiserv Forum.

On Saturday, November 9th, a family consisting of two adults and two children were struck by a motor vehicle outside Fiserv Forum near 6th Street and Juneau Avenue. The family was walking eastbound on Juneau to get to 6th Street to attend an event that was happening downtown. While the family was crossing the street, they had a walk signal. While walking through the walk signal, the family was struck by a silver Chevy Malibu. The Chevy Malibu had Texas license plates and was headed westbound. The Chevy Malibu had been making a left turn when it struck the family.

The family suffered injuries as a result of the collision. Thankfully, it is believed that injuries the family suffered are not life threatening. The investigation into the collision continues. Law enforcement officials are searching for a four door silver Chevy Malibu. The license plate on the vehicle possibly says “KVC.” People are asked to notify the police if they have any information regarding this vehicle or accident.

This accident is the fourth hit and run accident to occur in the City of Milwaukee in just over two weeks. Following this latest hit and run, officials are continuing to speak out about the dangerousness of reckless driving. Officials are urging drivers to slow down and to pay attention to surroundings while driving. Officials also warn drivers to be cognizant that there are children out on the streets and people walking around. When a vehicle collides with pedestrians, it can cause very serious injuries.

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