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What Did a Study Reveal About Traffic Fatalities?

Scientists and agencies perform studies into a wide variety of topics. One topic that is subject of many studies is driving across the country. Many studies have been performed about driving, including studies on such topics as the number of accidents during the year and which behaviors increase the risk of being involved in an accident. Recently, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration released information on one of their recent studies.

The NHTSA discovered that the number of people in the United States who died in traffic accidents decreased in 2018. In 2018, there were 900 fewer traffic fatalities compared to 2017.  Traffic fatalities involving children, alcohol, speeding and motorcycles all decreased during 2018. Even though most categories of fatalities went down, the number of pedestrians and bicyclist fatalities increased.

Although the number of traffic fatalities has decreased, the NHTSA does not have an explanation for why the number of fatalities has decreased. The NHTSA urges that if drivers and passengers were to stop doing three things, the number of traffic fatalities would significantly decrease. The three things that people should continue to do or start to do while driving are: (1) wear a seatbelt, (2) do not drive while impaired by alcohol or other substances, and (3) do not drive over the speed limit or at speeds that are not safe for weather conditions.

Researchers are planning on digging further into the data collected to help ascertain the reasons behind the decrease in fatalities. the NHTSA is hopeful that the trend will continue to decrease and are happy to see that the overall numbers are improving. Additionally, evaluating the data from 2019 so far seems to show that the trend is continuing to decrease.

By practicing safe driving, we can help keep the roadways safer for everyone and further reduce the amount of traffic fatalities each year.

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