What Problem is a Construction Zone Facing?

August 27 , 2019 | Car Accidents

Some people say that there are two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road construction. Currently, we are in the midst of what could be called the road construction season. One area that is currently under heavy construction is I-94/41 in Racine County. During this period of construction, this stretch of highway has seen a large quantity of accident, some leading to serious injuries and fatalities. To combat the accidents that have been occurring, there have been increased patrols to help stop those who are engaging in dangerous driving.

The increased patrols took place from Friday, August 16 through Sunday, August 18th. During the increased patrols, 81 people were pulled over for speeding in the construction zone. During construction, the speed limit on this stretch of road is 60 miles per hour. Of the people who were issued tickets, 77 of the drivers received tickets for speeds of 80-89 miles per hour, 2 drivers received tickets for speeds of 95-99 miles per hour and two drivers received tickets for speeds of 100+ miles an hour. As fines on tickets double in construction zones, those caught received fines of $600 or more for speeding.

The Racine County Sheriff is urging drivers to slow down, pay close attention to the roadway and to stop following other vehicles on the roadways so closely. The Sheriff believes that the warnings have not been followed, and accidents continue to occur. Although over 80 people were issued tickets for speeding in the construction zone during the increased patrols, the Sheriff is concerned whether the message about the dangers of speeding in the construction zone are clear.

Drivers should always practice safe driving, especially in construction zones. One simple way to help make the roadways safer for yourself and others is to adhere to the posted speed limits and/or drive the speed that is safe for road conditions. By ensuring that you adhere to the speed limit and keep a good following distance with other vehicles, the amount of accidents can be reduced.