Meet the Martin Law Office, S.C. Scholarship 2019 Recipient

August 26 , 2019 | Local Events

Meet the recipient of the Martin Law Office, S.C. Scholarship 2019, Hannah Powell!

This scholarship is for current high school seniors and college students. The scholarship is for $1,000 towards the student’s future academic endeavors.

Here is a little about the 2019 winner, Hannah Powell:

Hannah Powell is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Hannah is pursuing a degree in social work and hopes to work in the field of juvenile justice. Hannah is an active member of community and participates in many activities that have had a positive impact on her community. Some examples of Hannah’s community involvement include creating a club at her high school centered around connecting students with special needs to their neurotypical peers, volunteering at a respite house, volunteering in special education classrooms and working at a center for children with special needs.

Martin Law Office would like to thank everyone who submitted an application not only for taking the time to submit an application, but for all the things they do that have made a positive impact in their community!