What Dangerous Driving Activity is a Campaign Targeting?

July 29 , 2019 | Car Accidents

There are many things that increase the potential of being involved in a car accident while driving. Some examples of activities that increase the risks of driving are traveling too fast for the speed limit or engaging in distracted driving activities, such as texting while driving. Another activity that increases the risk of car accidents is reckless driving. An anti-reckless driving campaign began in Milwaukee following another car accident in an intersection that is infamous for having a high volume of accidents.

The anti-reckless driving campaign began after Milwaukee residents got fed up with the amount of speeding they see. The campaign has been called “Take it EZ Milwaukee.” The residents are hoping that the campaign will help reduce the amount of speeding and other reckless driving that occurs in the city, which in turn will help to keep the roadways safer for everyone.

The campaign has been inspired by recent accidents at some Milwaukee intersections. One of the main intersections that has inspired the campaign is the intersection of 60th and Capitol. This intersection has had several accidents lately, including a accident in which a drunk driver ran through a red light and crashed into an off duty Milwaukee Police Officers vehicle, taking the officer’s life. The Milwaukee Police Department has already increased patrols at this intersection following the recent accidents, but the campaign hopes to do more to combat reckless driving.

Take it EZ Milwaukee hopes to leverage resources to be able to combat reckless driving across the city. The program hopes to increase patrols near four intersections, known to be some of Milwaukee’s most dangerous intersections. The intersections are 60th and Capitol Drive, 27th Street and Center Street/Fond du Lac Avenue, Cesar Chavez Drive and Greenfield Avenue/Muskego Avenue and 35th and National Avenue. The program will last for three months.