What Should Drivers Be Looking Out For on the Roads?

July 24 , 2019 | Uncategorized

The summer has finally arrived in Wisconsin. With the return of summer weather, many more people begin engaging in warm weather outdoor activities. One activity that is more common during the warmer months of the year is bicycling. Because there is an increase of bicyclists during the warmer months, drivers should be taking extra care to check for their presence while driving. When motor vehicles and bicycles are involved in a collision with one another, the bicyclist almost always gets the worst of it. Recently, an accident occurred involving a bicyclist and a motor vehicle.

In June, a bicyclist and motor vehicle had a collision in West Bend, Wisconsin. The accident occurred around 7:00 in the morning. The collision was near the intersection of East Washington Street and North Street. The bicyclist was a 16 year old boy who was riding his bike on the sidewalk. The bicyclist entered into the crosswalk, when he was struck by a vehicle that was also entering the intersection.

Following the collision, the bicyclist suffered minor injuries. The bicyclist was transported to the hospital where he received treatment for the injuries and was released. The driver of the vehicle received a citation for failing to yield the right of way to the bicyclist.

Fortunately, the injuries the bicyclist in this case suffered were minors, but that is not always the case. That is why it is important for for drivers to ensure that they are paying full attention to the roadways and adhering to all traffic laws. By ensuring that we practice safe driving, we can help keep the roadways safer for everyone, including bicyclists.