What Happened to a Milwaukee County Transit Service Bus?

July 9 , 2019 | Car Accidents

Unexpected things can occur on the roadways. Because unexpected things can happen, it is important for drivers to pay the utmost attention when driving and to avoid distracted driving activities and other activities that create hazardous conditions when driving. Recently, a Milwaukee County Transit Service Bus driver took quick action after an unexpected event occurred on the bus.

On Thursday, July 4, around 4:20pm, a MCTS bus caught fire while traveling on 76th Street and Layton Avenue near Southridge Mall. Upon the bus driver noticing smoke coming from the rear of the bus, the bus driver quickly pulled the bus over and alerted all of the passengers to quickly exit the bus. Thankfully, everyone was able to exit the bus without sustaining any injuries. Law enforcement officials and firefighters were quickly able to arrive to the scene of the bus fire. Fortunately, firefighters were able to put the fire out and prevent injuries from occurring.

MCTS has released a statement informing the public that an incident like this one is very rare. Additionally, MCTS is performing an investigation into what caused the fire to break out. Although no one was injured in the bus fire, there was significant damage done to the bus. The flames from the bus fire seemed to stem from the back of the bus and this is also where most of the damage on the bus is. The engine is located in the back of the bus and MCTS will be looking into whether the engine or something else was the culprit of the fire.

Incidents like these show the importance of being aware of your surroundings and putting full attention on the roadways. Because of the bus driver’s quick thinking and vigilance while driving, everyone was safely able to exit the bus.