Why is WisDOT Encouraging Drivers to Take Extra Caution?

June 26 , 2019 | Car Accidents

The summer is finally here. With the return of summer, also comes the return of more populated roadways. In addition to more travelers being out on the roadways during the summer, there are also more construction zones on the roadways. After two very serious accidents on Wisconsin freeways that shut down following the accidents, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is asking drivers to take extra caution while traveling on the roadways.

The two serious accidents occurred within 24 hours of each other on I-94. Additionally, both of the accidents involved trucks that were traveling in construction zones. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, also known as WisDOT, warns that construction zones are always challenging for drivers and they should take extra caution to keep both themselves and others safe while navigating these zones.

The first accident occurred in Racine County on a congested highway. Tragically, the crash resulted in two fatalities and injuries to two others. The other serious accident occurred when a truck crashed into a concrete barrier. Both accidents caused the freeway to be shut down while emergency crews responded to the scenes of the accident.

The WisDOT is encouraging drivers in construction zones to slow down. Additionally, they advise ensuring that there is plenty of space between the your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Because unpredictable things can happen on the roadways, such as tires exploding or other things flying off vehicles, there it is imperative that drivers pay the utmost attention to the roadways. Finally, WisDOT states that drivers need to always keep their eyes off their phones and avoid making lane changes suddenly.