What Is a Hit and Run Survivor Doing to Help Raise Awareness?

June 13 , 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

Car accidents can cause a lot of damage – both to property and to injuries they cause the individuals involved. When a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle they always get the worst of it. Because of the potentially life altering injuries and dangerousness of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians, a survivor of a hit and run accident is helping to raise awareness.

In May 2017, a woman was leaving her Aunt’s house on Lover’s Lane between Silver Spring and Hampton. As she was walking, she was struck by a motor vehicle. The motor vehicle did not stop after hitting her, and she was left laying on the ground near a fire hydrant. The woman suffered extensive injuries following the collision and has had 152 surgeries as a result of the accident, including the amputation of her leg. Additionally, the accident crushed her voice box, so she now communicates using an electrolarnyx.

Even though the accident occurred over two years ago, no arrests have been made as to who hit her and caused the life changing injuries. The woman states that she has still been able to find forgiveness for the driver who hit her.

The woman has allowed the Milwaukee Police Department to feature her story in their 2019 Reckless Driving Reduction Initiative. The goal of the campaign is to end reckless driving and help make the roadways in Milwaukee as safe as possible. Reckless driving puts not only the driver of the vehicle at risk, but also people in other vehicles and pedestrians. Because of the damage that car accidents can cause it is important to always drive carefully and avoid reckless driving activities.