Who did a Milwaukee County Transit Service Driver Get to Meet?

June 5 , 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents can happen in what seems like a flash. Because of the potential for motor vehicle accidents to happen so quickly, it is important for drivers to be vigilant while they are driving to ensure that they are paying their utmost attention to the roadways. Because of a Milwaukee County Transit Driver’s quick thinking and actions, she was able to prevent a young boy from becoming injured in an auto accident.

On May 15th, a young boy wandered into intersection from the playground of his school. The young boy was running in a busy intersection when the MCTS driver spotted him. The MCTS driver sprang into action and stopped her bus and got off the bus, where she was able to get the boy out of the street and safely onto her bus. After getting the boy out of the street, she called MCTS dispatch as well as the police and waited for law enforcement to arrive. Shortly after the bus driver’s actions, the boy was reunited with his mother.

On Friday, May 31st, the mother of the boy and the MCTS driver were able to meet. During their meeting, the two women shared a hug. The mother of the boy expressed her gratitude towards the MCTS driver for helping to protect the boy from any injury and bring him to safety.

This incident shows the importance of driver vigilance. Because of the bus driver’s vigilance, quick thinking and heroic actions, the young boy was saved from being injured in busy streets. All drivers should make sure that they are paying attention to the roadways and not engaging in distracted driving activities. By paying close attention to the roadways, accidents can be prevented.