What Discovery Did a Car Accident Lead To?

May 27 , 2019 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can be scary and cause significant injuries, which is why it is important that drivers are always practicing safe driving and focusing on the roadways when they are behind the wheel. An accident in Ohio demonstrates the type of an injuries that can be sustained in an accident. Even though a man involved in the accident sustained severe injuries, he says the car accident saved his life.

Almost three years ago, an Ohio man, Thomas Hill, was making his normal trip to his personal training center when his vehicle ran off the road. Law enforcement responded to the scene of the accident and rushed him to the local hospital. Upon arrival to the hospital, Hill lost his leg from above the hip and his torso was almost destroyed. Because of the accident, doctors performed operations where they discovered cancer in the form of tumors on both of his kidneys. Hill is thankful that the accident caused the discovery of the tumors because he had no idea about the cancer.

About 9 months after the accident, Hill returned to his job as a personal trainer. Hill says the experience has made him more empathetic and he welcomes booking clients with challenges of their own. In addition to helping his clients reach their goals, Hill has goals of his own. Hill is determined to be able to stand on his own again and is actively working towards that goal. Additionally, Hill was recently awarded the OU Medicine Trauma Survivor Award for his strength and courage in the face of adversity.