What Can Car Drivers Do to Make the Roads Safer for Motorcycles?

With the warmer weather just around the corner, more people will be hitting the roadways for summer road trips and events. In addition to more cars, trucks and SUVs on the roadways, there will also be more motorcycles on the roadways. Oftentimes, when motorcycles and cars are involved in an accident, the motorcyclists sustains injuries. Because of the high potential for for injuries for the motorcyclists and car drivers and passengers alike, drivers need to be practicing safe driver.

Here are some tips to keep the roadways safer this summer:

  • Ensure you are checking carefully before making turns. The majority of car versus bike accidents occur at intersections when turns are being made. By making sure you look out for motorcycles when making turns, you can help prevent accidents.
  • Increase following distance behind motorcycles. Motorcycles are able to stop faster than cars can, so it is important to leave extra distance to be able to stop. A rear-end accident with a motorcycle could have disastrous effects for a motorcyclist.
  • Use turn signals. Signally your intention to turn can help prevent accidents.
  • Use extra caution when passing. Always make sure that you are several car lengths ahead of the motorcycle before you return to the lane.
  • Always check blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, which can make them more difficult to see when drivers are merging or changing lanes. Take time when changing lanes to be sure that there isn’t a motorcycle in your blind spot.

By using these tips and otherwise practicing safe driving, you can help keep the roadways safer for everyone.

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