What is the Latest Ford Recall?

We except the products that we buy to be safe for our use. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes the products we buy pose potential hazards to our safety or health. When a potential hazard becomes known it is common for companies to issue a recall to help protect consumer safety. One product that often experiences recalls is motor vehicles. Recently, the automaker, Ford, has issued a recall for some of its vehicles.

The recall comes after the discovery of some problems with the vehicles’ engine block heater cables. The problems may cause the cables to catch fire. Ford issued a recall in December to address this problem, and around 327,000 owners of the recalled vehicles took them in to be repaired. Ford now believes the inspection may have damaged the cables.

Because of this, owners of the recalled vehicles are encouraged to bring the vehicles into a dealership where they will disable the cables for the recalled trucks by cutting the prongs that go into the electrical outlets. All owners will get new cables when the parts becomes available. The company is working with the supplier of the parts to get the necessary parts as soon as possible. The fire risk to the vehicles only exists when the cables are plugged in.

The vehicles included in the recall include:

  • 2015 through 2019 F-150s
  • 2017 through 2019 Super Duty Trucks

The recall covers more than 327,000 of these vehicles. Ford states that it believes that one fire in the United States and two fires in Canada are related to the problem. All of the vehicles had had the recall inspections completed.

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