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Why Are Sheboygan County Sheriffs Asking Drivers to Slow Down?

All around Wisconsin, there have been snow and ice storms. These winter weather events have made the roadways more hazardous and have contributed to accidents.When accidents on the roadways occur, it is common for law enforcement officials to be called and respond to the scene of the accident to help those involved and to help prevent further accidents. Sheboygan County has been no exception to this trend.

During the winter weather in Sheboygan County, there were two separate accidents involving Sheboygan County Sheriffs. During the incidents the squad cars were struck by other vehicles. The first incident occurred on I-43 near County Road FF and the second incident occurred near County Line Road and Union Road during winter weather conditions. Luckily, neither of the sheriff’s deputies were injured in the collisions.

Following this incidents, the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office is asking for drivers to slow down on the roadways. The law enforcement officials are urging citizens to slow down and pull over when they see emergency lights.

It is of the utmost importance that when you see emergency lights, you slow down and move over to make room for the vehicles. By moving over and slowing down, you help to prevent collisions and help to keep the roadways safer for emergency and law enforcement vehicles as well as yourself.

It is also important to slow down during winter weather. Snow and ice increase the amount of time that it takes for a vehicle to be able to stop. When there is winter weather, you should increase your following distance and drive at slower speeds to help prevent accidents.

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