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How Can You Stay Safe on the Roadways During Winter?

Winter can lead to treacherous conditions on the roadways. Snow and ice can make for extremely hazardous conditions that can make it more likely for a car accident to occur. Because of the increased risks of driving that come with winter weather, drivers should take extra precautions before hitting the roadways. The following are some tips to help keep you safe while driving in the winter weather.

  •  Keep your gas tank close to full. This is important in case you get stuck in traffic for longer than expected.
  • Avoid distracted driving behaviors. During winter weather, driving and the roadways require your full attention. Make sure that you are not using your cell phone, eating while driving or other activities that divert your attention from the roadways.
  • Drive at a sped that is safe for conditions. When the roads are icy and/or snowy, it is important that you travel at a slower speed because it will take additional time for your vehicle to come to a stop.
  • Increase your following distance. On icy and snowy roads it takes a longer period of time to come to a stop. By increasing your following distance you will have more time to stop for the vehicles that are ahead of you.
  • When following a snow plow make sure that you have an adequate following distance. Snow plows drive slowly and make wide turns. Additionally, snow and ice from the plow may fly up and hit your vehicle if you are following too closely.
  • Use your lights. Your lights make it easier for you to see and for other vehicles to be able to see you.

By following these winter weather driving tips, you can help keep yourself and others safe on the roadways during the winter conditions. By making sure you take your time, you help keep the roadways safe for all.

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