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Pedestrian Struck on Wisconsin Freeway

The roadways can be a dangerous place. One of the most at risk groups on the roadways are pedestrians. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents occur involving motor vehicles and pedestrians. When accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians occur, the pedestrian often suffers severe injuries or is killed as a result of the crash.

Recently, a tragic accident occurred involving a pedestrian on  I-43. Family members believe that the pedestrian got lost while walking to visit a friend and got lost. The pedestrian ended up walking on the freeway. While walking on the freeway, the pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. Law enforcement officials were called to the scene of the accident. Sadly, the pedestrian sustained massive injuries due to the accident, and died as a result of the injuries sustained.

Police officers have an ongoing investigation into the accident. Law enforcement officials believe that three vehicles were involved in the accident. Two of the vehicles were stopped following the accident and questioned by police officers. One of the drivers was arrested for recklessly endangering safety and OWI and the other driver was arrested for OWI, second offense. The sheriff’s office has held their vehicles pursuant to the investigation. Law enforcement officials are still trying to locate the third vehicle that they believe was involved in the accident.

The sheriff’s office has asked drivers on all roadways to be on the look out for pedestrians walking on the roads and to practice safe driving to help keep the roadways safe for everyone. The sheriff’s office has also encouraged pedestrians to avoid walking in the roadways and to walk on sidewalks whenever they are available.

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