Driver Crashes on Way to Eye Doctor Appointment

Driving can be hazardous and can result in accidents. Because of the inherent risks of operating a motor vehicle drivers need to take as many precautions as they can to help keep themselves and others safe on the roadways. Some of these precautions include driving at speeds that are safe for conditions and not engaging in distracted driving activities, such as using a cell phone will driving. Another very important step to take when driving is to ensure that you have the right glasses and/or are wearing glasses if needed to see well while driving.

Recently, an accident occur with a driver who was on the way to his eye doctor appointment. The accident occurred in Virginia on December 14th. The driver had just pulled into the parking lot of his eye doctor’s office and was parking his vehicle. Instead of hitting the brake on the vehicle, he hit the gas causing his vehicle to crash into his eye doctor’s office.

Fortunately, no patients, staff or the driver of the vehicle were injured following the crash. This is the fourth time that individuals have crashed into one of the eye doctor’s offices. Since the accidents, the eye doctor has placed a sign stating that walk-ins are welcome, but drive-thrus are not.

The eye doctor and his office are thankful that no one was injured in the accident and only property damage was suffered. The eye doctor wants this experience to be a reminder that if people need glasses to drive, they should be wearing them and that they should also have regular check-ups to ensure that the glasses are still working as they should be.

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