Officials Warn of Black Ice on Roads

The State of Wisconsin, and states all across the midwest will be experiencing extreme cold over the coming days. The extreme cold will lead to hazardous conditions highways. One of the hazardous conditions that will be occurring is black ice. Law enforcement officials have urged motorists to exercise caution when traveling on the highways because there are patches of black ice covering areas on the freeway system. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has also issued warnings about the black ice.

Law enforcement officials also urged motorist to monitor the road conditions and weather before driving during the coming days. Officials urge that drivers need to adjust their speed for an appropriate level for weather conditions as well as keep a safe following distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.

Black ice is a thin layer of highly transparent ice. It is especially hazardous because it is very difficult to see as it may appear to be a wet area or it may not be visible at all. It forms when snow that has melted refreezes on roadways and bridges. The most common times for black ice to be on the roadways are during the night and in the early morning because temperatures typically drop during this time. Because of the low temperatures continuing through February 1st, officials believe that there is a possibility for black ice during the day as well.

The Wisconsin Department of transportation has offered the following advice for driving during the extremely cold:

  • Check the road conditions before leaving
  • Keep the gas tank of your vehicle full
  • Keep an emergency kit inside your car
  • Keep extra layers of clothing inside your car
  • Inform others about where you are going and your expected arrival time
  • Ensure that all snow and ice are cleared away from your vehicle before driving

Make sure that you are practicing safe driving during this extreme cold and traveling at speeds safe for conditions

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