Movie Challenge Causes Accident

Sometimes movies inspire challenges based off of the plots. A recent movie that inspired a challenge was the Netflix film, Bird Box. In the movie, the characters cannot go outside without wearing blindfolds, leading them to do things such as drive vehicles while blindfolded. Unfortunately, this film has inspired a challenge where people try to perform similar tasks while blindfolded, including driving. Unsurprisingly, this movie challenge has caused an automobile accident.

The accident occurred on Monday, January 7th in Utah. Law enforcement officials state that the teen driver had her eyes covered while operating her vehicle. Law enforcement officials believe that the driver pulled a hat over her eyes while driving at a speed of 35 miles per hour. Following covering her eyes, the driver began swerving and veered into oncoming traffic. As she veered into the oncoming traffic, she sideswiped another vehicle on the roadway. The driver then crashed into a light pole and a concrete barrier. Fortunately, no one was injured following the collisions, but there was significant damage to both of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Movie challenges, such as the Bird Box Challenge, should never be attempted because they put the safety of many people at risk. This challenges poses the serious potential of causing injuries not only to yourself, but to others. Safe driving practices should always be put in place while operating a motor vehicle on the roadways. Safe driving includes paying careful attention to the roadways and what is going on around you, which cannot occur if you are blindfolded. Even Netflix has spoken out about the risks of the challenge and advised viewers not to attempt the challenge.

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