Ground Turkey Recall

January 3 , 2019 | Personal Injury

We expect the products we use and the foods we consume to be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes the products we use or food we ate can be potentially hazardous. When a potential hazard becomes known, companies often issue a recall for the products affected. Recently, Jennie-O, a company known for its turkey products, has issued a recall for more than 164,000 pounds of ground turkey.

The recall comes after the discovery that the turkey may be contaminated with salmonella. The turkey affected by the recall has markings that inform consumers to use or freeze the turkey by November 12 or 13. The recall includes various types of ground turkey including plain ground turkey, turkey with taco seasoning and turkey with Italian seasoning. These products were shipped to states all over the country including Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana.

Food safety officials have issued the recall because they are concerned that people may still have packages of the potentially contaminated ground turkey in their freezers. The recalled turkey has the marking tag of P-579 on the lower left hand corner of the front package. These recalls are part of the continued investigation into a salmonella outbreak which occurred in November. The salmonella outbreak caused 216 people to be sickened in 38 different states. So far 52 new cases of illness associated with the salmonella outbreak have been reported.

If you have any of the turkey products that are included in the recall, they should be disposed of and not consumed because of the potential for salmonella.