Holiday Traffic

The holidays are here, and with the presence of the holidays, there is also an increased amount of traffic on the roadways. Many people travel for the holidays, and this year will be no exception. In fact, AAA predicts that there will be a record-breaking number of people traveling to their destination for the holidays. Because of the high volume of travelers, AAA predicts there will be a lot of holiday traffic.

This year AAA predicts that over one third of Americans or 112.5 million Americans will be traveling for the holidays. This is a 4.4 percent increase of holiday travelers when compared with last year. The vast majority of travelers will be arriving to their destination via car, with AAA predicting 102 million will be traveling that way. Planes will also make up a large chunk of travelers with 6.7 million people expected to be flying to their destinations.

Some of the increased holiday traffic this year can be attributed to the lower gas prices. Gas is at the lowest national price of the year, which is contributing to many Americans desire to hit the roadways for the holidays.

The travel period for the holidays begins on December 19 and goes through December 30. During this time period, drivers should expect heavy traffic on the roadways and delays. Because of the potential for heavy traffic and delays, drivers should plan ahead accordingly and leave extra time to get to their destination. Drivers should also ensure that they are putting their full attention on the roadways and not engaging in distracted driving activities to help keep themselves and others safe on the roadways.

Martin Law Office, S.C. wishes everyone a happy holiday season and safe travels!

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