School Bus Accident

December 17 , 2018 | Car Accidents

There are many behaviors that people engage in while driving that are dangerous and create risks both for themselves and others while on the roadways. Some of the dangerous driving behaviors that people are most likely to think of are texting while driving and driving while under the influence. A dangerous driving behavior that is often forgotten about is drowsy driving. Recently, drowsy driving caused an accident involving a school bus.

On the morning of November 30, 2018, a school bus was driving its morning route around 7:30 am, when the bus veered off the roadway and subsequently crashed into a tree. At the time of the accident, there were 16 students on the bus along with a substitute bus driver. Following the accident all of the students were transported to the hospital either by a different school bus or their parents to be checked out. Two of the students suffered injuries as a result of the accident. One student suffered a broken collarbone and the other suffered a broken leg. The driver of the bus did not experience any injuries.

Law enforcement has launched an investigation into the accident. As part of the investigation, law enforcement officials have viewed the video recording from a camera inside the bus. The video seems to show the bus driver falling asleep behind the wheel prior to the crash. Law enforcement officials believe the bus was traveling somewhere between 30 and 40 miles per hour when the bus went off the roadway and crashed into the tree.

This accident demonstrates the dangers of driving while drowsy. When you drive while drowsy, you increase the likelihood of being in an accident, therefore putting the safety of yourself and others at risk. If you feel drowsy or have not had a sufficient amount of sleep, you should not drive.