Honda Minivan Recall

December 10 , 2018 | Personal Injury

We expect the products we buy to be safe for use. Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise with the products that we buy that can cause potential hazards to consumers. When a problem like this is discovered, it is common for the company that produces the product to issue a recall for the product. Sometimes recalls are issued for motor vehicles. Recently, Honda issued a recall for a subset of its minivans.

The automaker, Honda, has recently issued a recall for more than 120,000 of its minivans across the world because of an issue with the doors. The recall comes after the discovery that some parts in the power door rear latches may not functioning correctly, which may stop the doors from latching correctly. If the doors do not latch correctly, they can slide open when the minivans are moving.

Dealers are currently replacing the latches on the minivans, but they only have a limited supply of the latches available at this point in time. Honda is expecting to have more latches to install into the vans by late December. If an owner is unable to get a replacement latch, they have the option of disabling the power sliding door until the new parts become available. If owners disable the power sliding door, they still have the option of using the doors manually.

The minivans that are included in the recall:

  • Honda Odyssey 2018
  • Honda Odyssey 2019

Owners of the minivans should take the minivans to a dealership to have the latch replaced as soon as possible once they receive the letter notifying them of the recall. Most of the recalled vehicles are in the United States and Canada. Owners can check to see if their van is included in the recall by visiting Honda’s website or calling Honda.