OWI Task Forces for Holiday Season

December 5 , 2018 | Uncategorized

The holiday season is upon us. With the holiday season comes parties and gatherings of family and friends. Oftentimes these parties and gatherings feature alcoholic beverages. Because the holiday season is a time associated with celebrations and drinking, 40 Law Enforcement agencies across Southeastern Wisconsin are working together to institute OWI Task Force Patrols for the holiday season.

The effort to curb driving under the influence began this year in South Milwaukee, where they instituted “Street Roll Call.” During “Street Roll Call,” the South Milwaukee Police Department, law enforcement officials sent additional officers out for patrol to help keep the roadways safe from drivers who are under the influence.

The Wauwatosa Police Department is also participating in the OWI Task Forces. One officer stated that early on in her shift, she will mostly be stopping people for minor traffic violations. But from her experience, as the night goes on, she will likely arrest an impaired driver. The officer states that people have quite a few beers and think they are fine to drive, but they are actually impaired and putting themselves and others on the roadways at risk.

Law enforcement officials plan to keep up the efforts to stop drunk drivers throughout the entire holiday season. Law enforcement officials hope that their efforts will help to keep the roadways safer for everyone and prevent accidents.