Winter Driving Tips

December 2 , 2018 | Car Accidents

In Wisconsin, snow, sleet and ice are common occurrences in the winter. With the winter rapidly approaching, the weather is sure to affect the roadways and make them more hazardous. Because of the hazards that driving in winter weather poses, drivers should take extra precaution when they know they will be driving in winter weather conditions. Here are some tips to help keep you safe while driving during the winter.

  • Drive slowly and cautiously. Snow causes stopping and accelerating to take a longer period of time. By driving slowly, you give yourself the opportunity to carefully maneuver.
  • Increase your following distance. Because winter weather conditions increase the necessary stopping distance, the distance in which you follow other vehicles should be increased as well.
  • Do not drive if you are feeling tired or fatigued. Drowsy driving is dangerous driving and greatly increases the risk of being involved in a car accident.
  • Do not use cruise control when driving if there is snow, ice, or rain.
  • Wear your seat belt. By wearing your sea, you can help keep yourself from getting injured in the event of a car accident.
  • Drive with a cell phone to be able to call for assistance in the event of an accident or other issues that may be encountered on the roadway.

By following these tips and ensuring that you use safe driving practices, you can help to make your next travels during the winter time safe ones. By taking the necessary precautions, winter driving can be less hazardous.