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Local News Station Launches Project: Drive Sober

Driving under the influence is incredibly dangerous. It puts not only the safety of the impaired driver at risk, but also the safety of others on or near the roadways at risk as well. Driving under the influence is a serious problem in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, every three hours someone is injured or killed in an alcohol related crash in the state of Wisconsin. Because of this alarming statistic and the dangers associated with driving while under the influence, a local news station has launched Project: Drive Sober.

The news station, TMJ4, has launched Project: Drive Sober with their sister station in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The news stations hope to bring awareness to the dangers of driving while under the influence in hopes of reducing the amount of accidents and incidents involving drivers who are under the influence. The news stations are planning to share stories of families who have lost loved ones to drunk driving, stories from attorneys, stories from lawmakers from both sides of the aisles and stories from law enforcement officials who have seen the impact of drunk driving firsthand. The news stations plan to continue their project over the course of many months in hopes of reaching as many people as possible to bring awareness to this very serious issue.

Hopefully, by bringing attention to the dangers of drunk driving as well as those who have been negatively impacted by drunk driving, the number of those choosing to drive while they are under the influence will be reduced. By making the decision not to get behind the wheel after drinking, the roadways are made safer for everyone.

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