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Ford Focus Recall

When a problem with a potentially dangerous product is discovered, a recall is often issued. This can happen for a wide array of products from toys to food. One kind of product that is subject to rather frequent recalls are motor vehicles. Recently, the automaker, Ford, has issued a recall for several models of its vehicle, the Ford Focus.

The recall includes almost 1.5 million vehicles in North America. The vehicles included in the recall are the 2012 through 2018 model year Ford Focuses that have 2 liter GDI and 2 liter GTDI engines. The recall comes after the discovery of a problem with a canister purge valve. The canister purge valve has been found to be defective and can become stuck in an open position. If the valve becomes stuck in the open position, it can cause damage to the fuel tank of the vehicle.

In some instances, the defect of the valve can cause the Ford Focus to stall and then not restart or be difficult to restart. Owners of the vehicle may notice an indicator light or a fuel gauge that has a reading of an inaccurate levels. To help prevent the stalling of the vehicle from stalling, owners should make sure that they keep their fuel tank full above halfway until they are fixed.

Thus far, the company has not identified the defect as a cause of any accidents. Ford dealers will fix the vehicle for free. The company plans to fix the recalled vehicles by reprogramming a powertrain module with new software and replacing various parts of the vehicle, including the canister purge valve, if needed. The company plans to notify owners of the vehicles affected, so they know to bring their vehicles in for the necessary repairs.

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