Wisconsin Nurse Helps Save Woman Injured in Accident

Automobile accidents can be very scary, as they can cause property damages, serious injuries and fatalities. When someone is injured in an accident, and needs help an accident is especially scary. Depending on the injuries sustained, it may be difficult for the injured person to get in contact with the authorities needed to help the individual. In some cases a good samaritan will stop and help, just as a nurse from Wisconsin did while she was on vacation in Nebraska.

Over the summer, the nurse was taking a vacation to Nebraska. While driving on the freeway there, she came upon a horrific accident. Upon seeing the accident, she pulled over her vehicle and jumped to help without any hesitation. When she exited her car, she found three young men, who she assessed, but determined that there was nothing she could do to help them. She continued to check other vehicles involved, and came upon an elderly woman, who was clinging to life.

For the next hour, the nurse used her skills and training to care for the elderly woman while waiting for Flight for Life and other authorities to arrive. Unfortunately, four people passed away in the accident on the highway, but thanks to the nurse’s quick thinking and actions another fatality was likely avoided and the elderly woman survived the accident.

Recently, the nurse reunited with the elderly woman that she saved on the highway. The nurse is glad to have helped the woman on the roadway that day. By going out of her way to help others, using her skills as a nurse, she helped to save a life.

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