Safe Driving During Deer Season

Deer Season is in Wisconsin is rapidly approaching. The chances of having a collision with a deer are much greater in the fall and winter months. Collisions with deer can cause serious damage to vehicles and injuries to those in the vehicle. Because of the potential for property damage and injuries, it is important that drivers take necessary precautions to ensure that they keep themselves and their passengers safe. Deer season also brings drivers to rural roads where the probability of encountering a deer is higher than other places. Here are some tips to help avoid a collision with a deer.

  1. Use extra caution when driving during dawn or dusk. Deer are the most active during the dawn and dusk hours of the day, and are especially active during mating season, which occurs from October to December. Because of this, it is imperative that your full attention is on the roadways, so you will have more time to react if you encounter a deer.
  2. If you see one deer, be on the lookout for more. Deer typically travel in packs, so if you see one, it is likely that you will see more. By anticipating that there will be more deer, you can be more prepared to stop and avoid hitting the deer.
  3. Use your horn. If you see an animal in the roadway, you can use your horn to scare the animal away and out of the roadway.
  4. Slow down when passing animal crossing signs. These signs are posted because there is heavy animal traffic in the area and to give warning that you should be more cautious and careful.

By ensuring that you avoid distracted driving and keep your full attention on the road, you can help to avoid a collision with a deer or other animal. By avoiding these collisions, you can protect yourself from property damage and injuries.


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