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Fitness Tracker Recall

A popular item that many people wear and use are fitness trackers. These fitness trackers are frequently worn on people’s wrists when they exercise and/or throughout the course of the day. The fitness trackers track things such as steps taken, heart rate and an estimate of the calories a person has burned. Recently, a recall has been issued for a fitness tracker after reports of burns coming from the device.

The digital wellness company, Provata Health, has voluntarily issued a recall for almost 30,000 of their fitness trackers. The recall comes after the the company received 13 reports of the device becoming overheated while it was being charged or being worn. The overheating of the device resulted in burns to at least three people who were either wearing or charging the device at the time it overheated.

The trackers affected by the recall were sold between August 2017 and July 2018. The trackers were given away at events in Oregon, Arizona and North Carolin as well as distributed by mail across the country. The trackers were made in China and then distributed by the wellness company. They came in three colors, which are black, blue and mint green.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, owners of these fitness trackers should stop wearing them immediately as well as stop charging them. Owners of the devices are urged to contact Provata Health to receive instructions on how to receive a free replacement fitness tracker.

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