Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By Vehicle

During the spring, summer and fall, pedestrians are a common feature in Wisconsin. With children and teens having recently returned to school all over the state, there will likely be even more pedestrians on the roadways as the students commute to and from school and after school activities. Because of all those on foot, it is imperative that drivers and those who are walking take precautions to help keep themselves and others safe. Unfortunately, sometimes collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians occur. When these collisions, occur pedestrians almost always get the worst of it.

On Monday, September 1oth, a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle near 19th and Atkinson. When law enforcement officials arrived to the scene of the accident, the attempted life saving measures on the man that was struck. Very sadly, the life saving measures were not successful and the man passed away at the scene of the accident. The man that was struck was in his 50s. The driver of the vehicle that hit the man remained at the scene following the accident. The investigation into the accident remains ongoing.

It is of the utmost importance that drivers practice safe driving, not only for their own safety, but for the safety of others on the roadway as well. Safe driving includes many things. Some examples of safe driving practices are adhering to the speed limit, wearing a seat belt and avoiding distracted driving. By ensuring that we keep our attention on the roadways while driving, we can help to reduce the amount of accidents. When we make sure that our full attention is on the roadways, we have more time to react to things that happen, therefore increasing the likelihood that we will be able to avoid a collision. By practicing safe driving, we can make the roadways safer for everyone.

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