Man Survives 13 Hours Trapped In Hot Car

As technology advances, so does the technology in our cars, trucks and SUVs. One of the most common technologies used in all types of motor is the key fob and push to start. Unfortunately, sometimes these technologies can malfunction and put users into dangerous situations. One of these dangerous situations recently occurred when a 75 year old Ohio man became locked in his vehicle.

Last week, a man in Ohio became locked in his 2006 Cadillac after his key fob stopped working. The man was unable to find any switch to unlock the doors. He also did not have a cell phone, so he was unable to call someone for help. This left the man stuck in his vehicle, which became very hot. The gentleman states that he banged on the car windows and screamed for help. At one point, the man states that he attempted to kick out the car window to no avail. The gentleman was stuck in his vehicle so long that it became nighttime.

The man was rescued when his neighbors noticed that his garage door was open late at night. Upon noticing the open garage door, his neighbors went to check on him. When they arrived at his house, they are a quiet pounding noise. The noise prompted a neighbor to hop the fence, which is when the gentleman was discovered. The neighbor stated that by the time he found him the car was filled with condensation from his breathing. The fire department was called and got the gentleman out of the car.

This story shows the importance of reading your car owner’s manual. Car owners manuals have instructions on what to do if a key fob unexpectedly stops working. It is a good idea to keep the owners manual in your vehicle, so that you have a reference if an incident like this were to happen to you.

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