Wisconsin Man Finds Snake in Car

Practicing safe driving is important. There are many factors that are part of safe driving practices. One safe driving practice is too pull over in a safe area if you suspect something may not be right with your vehicle. A Wisconsin man did just that and found something surprising underneath the hood of the vehicle he was driving.

Recently, a man was driving his mother’s vehicle in Omro, Wisconsin. While driving the SUV, the vehicle began to act strangely, so he decided to pull over to see what was going on underneath the hood of the car. Upon popping the hood, the man discovered something quite surprising – a python. The man alerted local law enforcement officials come came to assist. The driver of the vehicle as well as the law enforcement officials were unable to free the snake from the engine of the SUV, so they called in a local snake expert from Menasha, Wisconsin. With the help of the snake expert, they were able to remove the python from the inside of the vehicle. Coincidentally, the snake caused damage to the car’s serpentine belt, which is why the car was not running properly.

The snake expert identified the snake as a ball python. The owner of the python has also been identified and stated that the snake had been missing for over a month before it was discovered in the vehicle. The python is doing fine after being removed from the vehicle and the snake expert has offered to adopt the python.

Thankfully, everyone involved including the serpent were unharmed in this incident. Thanks to the SUV driver’s, law enforcement’s and snake expert’s patience and calmness, the roadways were kept safe for everyone.


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