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Viral Challenge Causing Injuries

A popular challenge on the internet called the “In My Feelings” or “Kiki Challenge” has gone viral and people all over the country have been participating. The challenge involves participants dancing to the song “In My Feelings” by the artist Drake. Participants have been trying to put there own spin on it and have incorporated motor vehicles to their routine. The National Transportation Safety Board has urged those who participate not to use motor vehicles while doing so because of the danger it poses to not only those participating but other vehicles on the roadways. Two recent incidents involving the viral challenge highlight the dangers of doing it involving a motor vehicle.

One incident occurred in Iowa, when a teenage girl decided to do the challenge. She and her friends were by a roundabout and she tried to jump out of the car to do the dance. When he tried to jump of the car, she tripped and hit her head. The fall caused her to lose consciousness and she had to be airlifted to an Iowa City hospital. At the hospital, she was placed in the ICU. She now has to relearn how to walk. She was hoping to be released from the hospital and continue physical therapy.

Anther incident occurred when a man in Florida decided that in his video he wanted to jump onto a moving car. He was doing the dance when his friend drove towards him. He slipped and was unable to jump onto his friend’s car and was struck by the vehicle. Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured in the collision.

Driving should always be taken seriously. By participating in this challenge with motor vehicles, people are putting not only their safety, but the safety of other people at risk. People should not risk their own safety or the safety of others for a “viral challenge.”

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